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Summary The Stranger By Norman Whitney

Name : Leni Mulyana Sari
Npm : 031104067
Class : VI/D
Subject : Extensive Reading

The Title : The Stranger
Author : Norman Whitney
Publisher : Dian Rakyat
Pages : 63
Year : 2003
City : Jakarta
Summary :
This story tells about a stranger, Dave Slatin who comes in an small village in Woodend and very strange things happen since he is there. The stranger bought a house in Wooden. He made the corner shop on the front of the house. And on the sign were these words: The Corner Shop Proprietor: Dave Slatin. The new assistant in the corner shop was Anna. Sometimes her friend, Peter, helped at the shop. . In the shop was a room where only Dave came. On the door of the room notice: "Special Orders Only: Keep Out".on a day a strange woman came to the shop. Her name is Miss Greta Gordon. She was a beautiful woman and she was wearing expensive clothes and we want met Dave Slatin .Dave felt pleased to meet her. She had beautiful hands and she was wearing beautiful diamond rings. Dave and Miss Greta Gordon disappeared in the Special orders room. When Miss Gordon came out of the Special orders room her eyes were red with tears. But here rings where disappeared. The next months more people came to visit the Special order room. And every time the came out something strange happened. One day the room was open. Anne went in there for a look. She saw strange dolls. They looked on real people. One doll had a broken arm. Anna looked for the Diamond rings? What about the diamond rings? said a voice. It was Dave Slatin. He was laughing. I left the door open for you he said. I wanted you to go into this room this morning. Anna was frightened, but she tried not to show her fear. You haven't found the diamonds Dave said again. Anna I have strange powers. I can give you everything you want. He looked into Anna\'s eyes. And my children will have this powers too,he continued. I will give you money and diamonds. And you, Anna will give me children. Anna was terrified now. She kicked Dave Slatin very hard an he let go her hand. Anna moved quickly. She ran out of the Special Orders room through the front of the shop and out onto the street. She ran all the way home. On 31st October Anna felt terrible and went to bed. Peter came but Anna was ill. The next day the doctor came. He sad that Anna was very ill.
About seven o'clock there was a fire in the Corner shop. Dave Slatin was still in the shop and he was standing in front of the window and he was laughing. Peter went back. The doctor was in the kitchen, talking to Anna\'s mother. Suddenly there was a scream. They ran upstairs to Anna\'s room. Anna was dead. When the corner shop was in flames Dave Slatin with his strange powers killed Anna.



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