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English for Specific Purposes (Abstract)

Name ` : Leni Mulyana Sari
NPM : 031104067
Class : VI/D
Subject : Extensive Reading

Title : English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
Author : Tom Hutchinson and Alan Water’s
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Abstract :
English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is an approach to language teaching in which all decisions as to content and method are based on the learners reason for learning.
The purposes the ESP course in this book is to enable learners to function adequately in a target situation. That is the situation in which the learners will use the language. They are learning, then the ESP course design process should proceed by first identifying the target situation and hen carrying out a rigorous analysis of the linguistic features of that situation, the identified features will form the syllabus of the ESP course.
This Method used experimental method. The population of this study make group. Each group has three people. Every group make research in each faculties has given by lecturer. They must observe in each faculty before. To get the research data, the writer uses Questionnaire test about what will be research.
Based on the result in this book is intended to be very much a practical guide, and to this end we have supplied a number of tasks at the end of each chapter. These are to get you thinking about the issues that are raised in that section and in particular, to help you relate our necessarily general points to your own specific situation. If you are concerned with teacher training, these tasks may also be useful as workshop or seminar activities.
From the finding above, the writer suggest that this guide, route and mode of travel presented, it remains only to wish more interesting and enjoyable journey.

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