Jumat, 25 April 2008

Alcoholism by Rose Falkenhagen (Test Formatif 1)

Extensive reading (Formative Test 1)

Name : Leni Mulyana Sari

Npm : 031104067

Class : VI /D

Subject : Extensive Reading

The article “Alcoholism” by Rose Falkenhagen (1987) tells about people who become alcohol addicted and the problems following. Alcohol is very familiar in American families both for adults and the children. Alcohol have more bad effect for our health but some people didn’t know more the bad effect to much drink alcohol. Someone who likes drinks alcohol doesn’t a ware that it can give a bad effect for his or her body. Alcoholism is a big problem that caused many of dangerous illness such as terrible gastritis, malnutrition and the damage of our cardiovascular system. Even cancer, pharynx, larynx, and esophagus can be caused from heavy alcohol use.It is also caused some mental problems to the people and even to the unborn children of the abuser. Drinking alcohol can be more danger if the drinker is also a smoker and a drug user. Beside that alcohol will make someone life become worst. For example in the society, the drinker is unable to be a good parent for their children and he or she doesn’t have a good ability on the job. To be complicated the mater further, some social problems including the car accidents are also caused by the drunks in U.S. But we still have the time to reduce these problems and make it better. The education about the dangers of alcoholism and free counseling center and many communities will help the people who want to know about the danger of alcohol and give such service because they care to fight this problem.

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