Minggu, 22 Juni 2008

Poirot’s Early Cases by Agatha,Christie (Reflection)

Name : Leni Mulyana Sari

Npm : 031104067

Class : VIII/C

Subject : Extensive Reading


. (1974). Poirot’s Early Cases. Great Britain. Fontana Books.

Poirot’s Early Cases ,We learn about Many things about how Poirot came to exercise those famous grey cells so well. The eighteen stories collected here in are narrated by Captain Arthur Hasting including what would appear to be the earliest Poirot short story., ‘The Affair at Styles.’ which follows soon on the events of the mysterious Affair at Styles. Two of stories are narrated by Poirot’s himself, to hasting. One, “ The Chocolate Box,” concerns Poirot’s Early days on Belgian police force, and the case that was his greatest failure: “My grey cells, they function brilliantly, Poirot’s grey cells , challenging the reader to keep pace at every twist and turn.

Reading this book highly enjoyable Poirot. I had not realized I’d read this already until about four quarters of the way through the book. I’m still surprised I remembered none of other stories. The short stories format works very well, even without the usual masterful build of suspense.

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