Senin, 21 Juli 2008

Yonathan, Rahardjo.(2008).Lanang.Alvabet sastra (Reflection)

Name : Leni Mulyana Sari

NPM : 031104067

Class : VIII/C

Subject : Extensive Reading


Yonathan, Rahardjo.(2008).Lanang.Alvabet sastra

Lanang is story where this novel tells about a veterinarian life, named Lanang. He has wife. her name is Putri. They lived in the village. One day, a doctor named Dewi is a veterinarian too. She create transgenic animals which it can virus disease birds and pigs forest. Since coming this strange animal, livestock area cow place Lanang worked. suddenly, cows attacked a strange disease by the strange animal. Many cows dead. with government and society, Lanang which clever doctor, obsessive, and melancholic is busy to look for cause death cows. The experiment was done. But mysterious disease didn’t find caused. Lanang was frustrations and alone. Then animals indigenous made issue that caused of cows are bird and pig forest. One day , he met Dewi in laboratory. Dewi and her friends would become him as their experiment. They chose him because they want to change his organ with babi hutan’s and bird’s organ. Dewi and her friends wanted to show to the world that they are ruler of sciences, knowledge, and economics. They succeeded to create some kinds of the strange animals to the various purposes. Lanang's life had become perfect. He had been brain and heart that could not be match with the other human.

Reading this book is interesting. Remind me to literature Eropa as Prances novel Plague (pes disease) where we must across to came symbolic, mystic, rational and irrational together.

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