Senin, 21 Juli 2008

The Result of Analyses Lanang Novel Created by Yonathan Rahardjo

Name : Leni Mulyana Sari

NPM : 031104067

Class : VIII/C

Subject : Extensive Reading

The Result of Analyses Lanang Novel

Created by Yonathan Rahardjo

First of all, before start this program, Mr. Dedy Sofyan as Dean Faculty said that the aim of the book analyses is to habit reading. In this novel has plot and setting. Before we analyses this novel, we must read this novel so with novel analysis, we can understand the story of the novel.

Then next program is from three the finalist Rina, Rahayu, and Adis. The three finalists explain about the Lanang story. They said that Lanang is story where this story tells about a veterinarian life, named Lanang. He worked at the husbandry dairy cows. His wife is putri. They live in the village. One day, there was a strange animal came to his house. Since the strange animal came to his house, a strange animal disease attacks the village. Many cows were dead. Lanang felt responsible to that happen. With government and society, Lanang which clever doctor, obsessive, and melancholic is busy to look for cause death cows. The experiment was done. But mysterious disease didn’t find caused. He desired to find out that happen with Dewi. She is a doctor and veterinarian too. She worked at his Laboratory. They are always together. Therefore, they fell in love. Beside Dewi, Lanang have the other girlfriends. However, his wife knew if her husband had girl’s friend. She knew that from her friend named Jakun. She gone with Jakun and left her husband. Lanang was frustration and alone. Then animal indigenous made issue that caused of cows are bird and pig forest. One day, he met Dewi in laboratory. Dewi and her friends would become him as their experiment. They chose him because they want to change his organ with babi hutan’s and bird’s organ. Dewi and her friends wanted to show to the world that they are ruler of sciences, knowledge, and economics. They succeeded to create some kinds of the strange animals to the various purposes. Lanang's life had become perfect. He had been brain and heart that could not be match with the other human.

Next program asked question from audience to finalist. Some of the audience asked them. Aang asked:“Had you experience about transgenic?” The finalist said that they had had not experience, but they said that this novel tells remind them about transgenic and fenomena in our country. Like “Flu burung” they said that transgenic is danger. Some finalist also said that this novel remind her to the book with the title “Half Minute Indonesia”. Then a finalist add again that this novel remind scientific novel Indonesia for example “Ketika Cinta Bertasbih, Ayat-Ayat Cinta and any other”. Then Aang asked: “Is there relation between the disease and putri? They said that no relation between the disease and Puteri. It is because burung babi hutan is manipulation of Dewi but putri is lanang’s wife. Then Miss Ningsih gave comment and explained again about this novel. She said that the author was not gentleman then she thought that Lanang is Yonathan Rahardjo. She asked that to finalist. The finalist said that Lanang is not Yonathan Rahardjo. Everybody has imagination and opinion. He writes based on his thinking. Read this novel is useful for us. The power of this novel is this novel is revolution of literature. The book has full book we cannot chose mathematical,. This novel also has the most of content.

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