Jumat, 25 April 2008

Alcoholism by Rose Falkenhagen (Test Formatif 1)

Extensive reading (Formative Test 1)

Name : Leni Mulyana Sari

Npm : 031104067

Class : VI /D

Subject : Extensive Reading

The article “Alcoholism” by Rose Falkenhagen (1987) tells about people who become alcohol addicted and the problems following. Alcohol is very familiar in American families both for adults and the children. Alcohol have more bad effect for our health but some people didn’t know more the bad effect to much drink alcohol. Someone who likes drinks alcohol doesn’t a ware that it can give a bad effect for his or her body. Alcoholism is a big problem that caused many of dangerous illness such as terrible gastritis, malnutrition and the damage of our cardiovascular system. Even cancer, pharynx, larynx, and esophagus can be caused from heavy alcohol use.It is also caused some mental problems to the people and even to the unborn children of the abuser. Drinking alcohol can be more danger if the drinker is also a smoker and a drug user. Beside that alcohol will make someone life become worst. For example in the society, the drinker is unable to be a good parent for their children and he or she doesn’t have a good ability on the job. To be complicated the mater further, some social problems including the car accidents are also caused by the drunks in U.S. But we still have the time to reduce these problems and make it better. The education about the dangers of alcoholism and free counseling center and many communities will help the people who want to know about the danger of alcohol and give such service because they care to fight this problem.

Abstract of Tic-Tac-Noun Game in Teaching English Nouns

Name : Leni Mulyana Sari
Npm : 031104067
Class : VI D
Subject : Extensive reading

Author : Febry Melisiawati
Title : Tic-Tac-Noun Game in Teaching English Nouns as A Technique to Motivate Elementary Students to Learn English Students to Learn English
Abstract :
This is a descriptive qualitative study that describes the teaching of English nouns using tic-tac-noun game technique for the Elementary students in the fourth grade. this model is developed based on relevant theories and the writer's teaching experience in Elementary school. the subjects discussed in the thesis are definition of nouns, motivation and language learning, teaching young learners, game;the use of game in language learning and learning vocabulary, definition of tic-tac-noun game. The use of tic-tac-noun game in teaching English nouns is aimed at presenting the practicing vocabulary activity more interesting and enjoyable and serves the purpose of motivating the students to learn English, especially vocabulary.this teaching technique is applied in writing skill with grammar focus using of pronoun. the theme which is brought out in this thesis is vocabulary of occupation. in this game the students are not only playing but also practicing their pronunciation,listening, and writing skills in an exciting way.

Rabu, 23 April 2008

Summary 15 Minutes

Name : Leni Mulyana Sari
Npm : O31104067
Class : D
Subject : Extensive reading

Title : 15 Minutes
Author : Steve Young
Year : 2006
Publisher :Harpercollins
pages : 176
City : Australia
The Summary :
15 Minutes tells about a boy named Casey. Casey is always late.when Casey goes into the attic, He finds a watch didn't work. when Casey takes off the watch,
He finds it back on his wrist.after school, he gets his grandpas
notebook and reads about the watch.it's called a go back but it just goes
back fifteen minutes. I think you should read this book because it is funny.

Jumat, 18 April 2008

Summary The Ugly Duckling Other Fairly Tales

Name : Leni Mulyana Sari
NPM : 033104067
Class : VI/D
Subject : Extensive Reading

Author : Hans Christian Anderson
Title : The Ugly Duckling Other Fairly Tales
Year : 2000
Publishes : Dian Rakyat
City : England
Page : 1-13

Summary :
A mother duck hatches her eggs and, while most of her ducklings are normal, one is grey, too large, and too clumsy to fit in among the others. Though she tries to accept him, the entire barnyard realizes that he simply does not belong and after a period of harassment he leaves to fend for himself. He is sheltered by an old woman in her poor cottage, but her cat and her hen will not accept him and he is forced to set off once again on his own. He wanders for the entire summer and fall, for no one will take him in, and he nearly freezes to death in an icy pond. Though he is rescued by a human, he cannot live in captivity, and he returns to the wild.By the end of winter, he is miraculously still alive. He comes to a pond in a park or garden, where beautiful white swans are swimming. He is drawn to their beauty, though he has no reason to think that they will treat him better than anyone else has. Still, he thinks, even if they kill him, he must approach them. To his surprise, the beautiful creatures welcome and accept him; gazing at his reflection, he sees that he too is a swan. The children declare that he is the most beautiful swan of them all, yet he is not proud, for a good heart is never proud. Because of all that he suffered he now appreciates his happiness so much more.